ISA International Society of Academics

The mission of the International Society of Academics is to unite scholars, celebrate creative expression and encourage intellectual freedom. Our mandate is to ensure academics around the world have the freedom to create and disseminate ideas and information, to express their views, and to make our body of work and our campaigns fully accessible.

Our strength lies in the diversity of our membership. Our scholars not only engage directly with today’s critical challenges but we also look ahead, advocating for important ideas and issues that will shape the future of critical discourse.

The ISA pursues independent work across a wide range of disciplines. We are active in economics, poverty reduction, education policy, healthcare access, public opinion, engagement with politics, and culture.

In order to maintain independence, the ISA accepts no government funding. We receive 100 percent of our operating revenue through tax-deductible contributions from individuals, many of whom respond to direct solicitations and program updates. The remainder of our support comes from foundations, corporations and information brokers.

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